International Tsunami Games 2012


If you are an athlete, please join to follow the marathon race organized by the government of Aceh on December 9, 2012 for more details please click on the link below.


About nanangsuwarna

"Nomads tip banda" what to look for when you leave home? maybe if the question was addressed to me, I would answer "to find identifiable" style .. hehehe ... I am a true nomads who are determined to find something that I know and have never had, ya .. did a lot of grief when we stay away from parents, younger brother, elder brother, and who all love the same handaytolan we are usually able to mingle now no longer ,

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    • oh, saya daftar langsung ke kantor DISPORA PROFINSI ACEH itu pun gak dapet baju tapi besok tgl 8 Desember 2012 pembagian no. punggung dan atribut lainya di lapangan Blangpadang Bandaaceh.

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